Police Station Parking 2

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The front of a police station things are pretty hectic. all kinds of cars, helicopters or policemen brining their donuts in are making it hard to park. and even if you are a cop, you have to park properly so you do not get a ticket from your colleagues. use your arrow keys to drive the car and the space bar to brake and make sure you do not crash into anything because you will damage your car and also do not hit pedestrians because you license will be taken and you will also lose the game. you have to be fast and precise while driving as you have limited time. the delinquents are not going to wait for you to park your car. every time you will hit your car, you will lose some health. you can see it in the damage bar in the bottom left corner of the screen, along with your timer. the time in which you succeed finishing a level and the amount of damage you did to your car are the components that determine your score. you have eight amazing levels that you are able to play. have an incredible time playing this fun game!
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